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Let's take a quick look at our game.

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We human beings are constantly using up the world’s available natural resources to sustain our lifestyles and our need for survival. Since the total amount of available resources on our planet is limited, and natural resource usage keeps growing, it is a matter of time before it is depleted. We would like to use this blockchain game to help people appreciate and protect the environment, and to treasure our available resources.

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Blockchain technology is a virtual game on the blockchain. All data and social interactions run on the Bitshares network. We chose Bitshares because it is a high-performance, scalable technology capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. Our virtual game needs to scale efficiently as the number of interactions grow, ensuring that we don’t run into any bottlenecks.

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Players can grow different types of plants, and will have access to different benefits. The more you invest, the higher the return of your investment, but the risks become higher due to the randomness of TX IDs, you may get extra income.

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You can use mobile device or computer to mining SEED. Your time is the hashrate.

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People from all over the world chat through a chat box and all chat history is stored on the bitshares network.

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The official team reserves 20% of tokens (locked for 12 months) and the remaining tokens are all publicly planted. All data will be published in the bit block block chain, fair and transparent. There is no form of ICO / PE.

Token Distribution


Total token supply:10,000,000,000.00 SEED(10 Billions)
Token type:Bitshares asset
Core Team: hold 20% SEED and locked for 12 months.
Minging and marketing: 80% SEED.


Distributions deatils

Linear release

The daily production cap is 0.1% of the remaining total for the previous day. After reaching the daily production ceiling, there will be no gain for planting.
The more active players, the lower the rate of return.


Economic system

All SEED will be for free

Origin Token:only bitshares holder or airdrop.
Spend: buy seeds or land……
Recycle:Players spend SEED,90% will send to the SEED distribution general account for redistribution
Burned:Players spend SEED, 10% will be permanently destroyed, the total amount of tokens will continue to decline


Game screenshots

An unusual blockchain game


A little story about bitsfarm!


Welcome to supervise our official account.


The account has 80% of the total token. With the expansion of the player's planting, resource tokens continue to reduce.


Each token spent by the player in the game will be re-collected by the recycle token account. Each month 90% of the token sent to bitsfarm-distributions, 10% of the token sent to bitsfarm-burned .


Each bitsfarm-recycle will sent 10% token to bitsfarm-burned. This account will never send any token out, we are welcome the supervision.


Official team holds 20% of the total token, and locked for 12 months